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Anthony Kaun Hai (Who is Anthony) is an Indian Bollywood film directed by Raj Kaushal released in 2006. The film encompasses the genres of Action, Thriller and Comedy. It is loosely inspired by the hollywood movie Who is Cletis Tout?


A contract killer named Master Madan (Sanjay Dutt), is hired by Lucky Sharma (Chetan Hansraj) to assassinate a con artist named "Anthony". Madan believes that a man named Champ (Arshad Warsi) is, in reality, Anthony and tries to kill him. Champ pleads for his life to Madan and wants to explain his side of the story. Madan, a fan of Bollywood movies, is eager for a good tale and agrees to listen. The film falls into flashback.

Champ is in reality named Champak Chaudhary who assumed the alias of "Anthony" after breaking out of prison. The story revolves around a cache of diamonds that has been hidden by a magician named Raghu (Raghuvir Yadav). Raghu's daughter Jiya (Minissha Lamba) apparently knew the location of the prize. Champ and Jiya fall in love throughout the plot of the movie.

A Thai police detective named Suraj Singh (Gulshan Grover) goes after the con artists, with his reputation on the line.


Sanjay Dutt...... Master Madan
Arshad Warsi...... Champ
Minissha Lamba...... Jiya
Anousha Dandekar...... Rosa
Raghuveer Yadav...... Magician Raghu Sharma
Gulshan Grover...... Detective Suraj Singh
Naina Dhaliwal
Ravi Baswani
Chetan Hansraj

Download Anthony Kaun Hai ? Songs - Bollywood Movie

Ishq Kia Kia

No Way No Way

Tu Hai Mera Chain Vain

Bhangra Palay

Because I Love U

Let's Rock

Ishq Kia Kia - Remix

No Way No Way - Remix

Tu Hai Mera Chain Vain - Remix

Bhangra Palay - Remix

Because I Love U - Remix

Let's Rock - Remix

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