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Corporate stars is a Bollywood film released in July 2006. The film directed by Madhur BhandarkarBipasha Basu, Kay Kay Menon, Payal Rohatgi, Minissha Lamba and Raj Babbar.


Corporate centers around the power games between two industrialists, The Sehgal Group of Industries (SGI) owned by Vinay Sehgal (Rajat Kapoor) and the Marwah Group of Indutries owned by Dharmesh Marwah (Raj Babbar). The two companies are traditional rivals in the food products business. Bipasha Basu plays Nishigandha Dasgupta aka Nishi, vice president of SGI, while Vinay Sehgal's brother-in-law Ritesh (Kay Kay Menon) joins in later as senior vice president.

Ashwini, a politician backed by Sehgal, become the Union Finance Minister, which helps the Sehgal Group to enter a lucrative partnership with international food products giants Friscon.

In a CII meeting, the state Finance Minister Gulabrao declares that a public sector unit (PSU) is for sale. Both the companies pounce into the competition using every tactic they have to outperform each other. But last-minute politicking by Marwah with Gulabrao leads to the PSU going to the Marwah Group, leaving Sehgal disappointed.

However, Nishi charms Marwah Group's CEO Pervez, and is then able to steal critical information from his laptop computer: she finds out that Marwah had been misleading the media that they were planning to manufacture mineral water in the plant, whereas in reality they were planning to manufacture a mint-based soft drink. The Sehgal Group publicly announces that they will be launching their own mint-based soft drink, which they've named "Just Chill", pre-empting the Marwah Group's planned launch. Marwah traces the leak to Pervez and fires him.

Ten days before the launch of the drink Sehgal learns that the FDA has found the presence of a large amount of pesticides in the drink. But Sehgal, cold-heartedly, decides to launch the product by bribing the FDA agents. However CEO Naveen resigns from the SGI. The drink is a great success. However, another of SGI's executive is unhappy that Ritesh is being made the CEO, and he gives Marwah the information that SGI's product contains pesticides. Marwah along with Gulabrao blow up the issue in the media, leading to a raid on the SGI plants and a case on the Sehgals. Sehgal decides that the only solution is for an employee of SGI who is not a member of the Sehgal family to take the blame for the blunder. Nishi is chosen for that role. Ritesh is hesitant but Nishi agrees. She is convicted.

Meanwhile Friscon chief Steve meets with Ashwini and threatens to withdraw all investments from India. Ashwini contacts Gulabrao and both the politicians convince the business giants Sehgal and Marwah to compromise and the ban on the soft drink is lifted. Sehgal had promised Ritesh that Nishi will out of the Enquiry Commission soon but after the compromise he abandons her. Ritesh, angry about it, threatens to expose Sehgal in front of the media if Nishi is not released within 48 hours. But the next day he is found dead, having fallen from the terrace of his apartment building. It is assumed to be suicide but some think otherwise. A few days later, SGI's product is back on the market. In the new elections Gulabrao becomes the Chief Minister. The movie ends with Nishi shown fighting the case. She also has a daughter now whose father is Ritesh.


  • Bipasha Basu ... Nishigandha Dasgupta aka Nishi
  • Kay Kay Menon ... Ritesh
  • Raj Babbar ... Dharmesh Marwah
  • Minissha Lamba
  • Rajat Kapoor ... Vinay Sehgal
  • Payal Rohatgi

Download Corporate Songs - Bollywood Movie

Lamha Lamha Zindagi Hai

O Sikander

Yahan Sab Ko Sab - Easy Mix

Lamha Lamha Zindagi Hai - Sad

Peele Peele

O Sikander - Desi Mix

Yahan Sab Ko Sab -Corporate Title

O Sikander - International Dance

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