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Dor is a 2006 Bollywood feature film, written and directed by Nagesh Kukunoor. It is about two women (and of the life of a widow), who are bound together by the string that fate ties them together with. The film bears strong resemblance to the critically acclaimed Malayalam film Perumazhakkalam (2004) directed by Kamal, although it has not been attributed.


Zeenat (Gul Panag) is an independent and headstrong Muslim woman living in Himachal Pradesh. She agrees to marry her boyfriend in spite of his parents' reservations. He then departs for Saudi Arabia to start a new job.

Meera (Ayesha Takia) is a simple Rajasthani Hindu girl. Most everything in her life thus far is in accordance with customs and traditions: her formative years, her recent marriage into a traditional Rajasthani family and her daily chores within the walls of her haveli. Her husband is off to Saudi Arabia for his new job.

The two husbands meet abroad and become roommates. There is a freak accident. Saudi law kicks in and promptly awards a death sentence to one of them.

Zeenat hears the news. Her world has now collided with Meera's world. Armed with little more than a photograph, she sets out to find Meera. She meets a behroopiya (Shreyas Talpade) on the way. This guy is a petty con-man but he takes a sympathetic view to Zeenat's plight. They set off on their search for Meera.

When they finally find Meera, Zeenat is put into an impossible conundrum. She cannot reveal everything to Meera and yet she requires Meera's help to resolve the situation. The two of them form a friendship. The friendship brings out the missing part in each woman's personality. Zeenat realizes helplessness; this is totally new to her forthright way of thinking. Meera gets a glimpse of freedom; this brings her out of the shell of her haveli and gives her a new perspective on her own life.

The death sentence is imminent. Zeenat and Meera are now forced to look past their friendship and into the hard realities of their lives. Zeenat is compelled to tell the truth. Meera is naturally shocked beyond belief. But the fact that her friendship has been betrayed is what hurts her more. She refuses to sign the maafinama (statement of forgiveness). Zeenat is initially deeply hurt by this, but eventually accepts this and leaves Rajasthan.

The final sequence shows Meera and Zeenat finding redemption and freedom in each other.


  • Ayesha Takia ... Meera
  • Gul Panag ... Zeenat
  • Shreyas Talpade .... Behroopiya

Download Dor Songs - Bollywood Movie

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Dor - Theme

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Allah Hoo Allah Hoo

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Yeh Honsla - Sad

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