Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena is a Hindi film partially inspired by the 2003 Hollywood movie Confidence.


Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena focuses on the duo of Arjun (Fardeen Khan) and his best friend Rohit (Rohit Roy) who con people for a living.

During their latest of escapades, both the duo manages to con the rich accountant of a don by the name of Sikander (Gulshan Grover), resulting in them stealing millions of rupees. Soon after, Rohit (Rohit Roy) is killed by Sikander's men and Arjun escapes to another city to save himself from the murderers.But Sikander manages to track him down and orders him to pay up the stolen sum of money plus interest or face Sikander's retiremnt plan.

Soon to get his hands on some millions, Arjun than sets up a special team who will help him execute the plan. Also involved in the team is Natasha (Koena Mitra), a female psychiatrist who ends up being conned by the group but eventually succeeds in seeking revenge.

Thrown into this mix is another character by the name of Jehangir Khan (Feroz Khan) who slows down Arjun's plans to get his hands on some big money.

Will Arjun get the money for the pay back? Or will he have to answer to accept Sikander's retirement plan? All is revealed in Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena.


  • Fardeen Khan .... Arjun Verma
  • Koena Mitra .... Natasha Kapoor
  • Kay Kay Menon .... Kaif
  • Gulshan Grover .... Sikandar
  • Feroz Khan .... Jehangir Khan
  • Kurush Deboo .... Sunny Dastur
  • Mukul Dev .... Bhatia
  • Amin Hajree .... Jack
  • Rohit Roy .... Rohit
  • Makrand Deshpande .... Poker Player
  • Murli Sharma .... Bakra
  • Mumaith Khan .... Special Appearance (Song)
  • Rakhi Sawant .... Special Appearance (Song)
  • Zamyn Khan .... Special Appearance (Song)

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