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Jurm is a Hindi Bollywood thriller film written and directed by Vikram Bhatt and was released in 2005.


Jurm begins with an eerie emergency call placed to an Indian police department with a woman screaming something along the lines of "Help me! Please help me! My name is Sanjana Malhorta and my husband--" and the line goes dead. The police trace the call back to a cabin in a remote area and find blood in a room upstairs but no body. They then arrest a man who appears to be passed out from alcohol and once aware of the murder of his wife, declares his innocence and is brought in for questioning and recounts how it was prior to her death.

We are introduced to Avinash Malhorta (Bobby Deol), a wealthy businessman who find the woman of his dreams, Sanjana (Lara Dutta). Avinash falls head over heels for Sanjana and does anything for her and even convinces her to marry him which she agrees to.

They seem to be a happy newlywed couple, but soon Avinash get suspicious when a friend, Sonia, tells him that she had seen Sanjana at a hotel and had not even acknowledged her. Sanjana claims that she wasn't at the hotel and that Sonia must've been mistaken. Soon Avinash's suspicions increase when he finds that his new wife lies to him directly to his face and is always weary of her surroundings while talking to an unknown person on the phone. Throughout his rage, his business partner, friend, and lawyer, Rohit (Milind Soman) stay Avi's side assuring him not to make much of it.

One day Avi catches Sanjana talking to someone (on the phone) and designates a meeting place for them to meet, a cabin in a remote area (the one described earlier). Avi gets ready to catch Sanjana red-handed with another man and anticipates the meeting. They attend a party before the time of the meeting takes place in which Avi appears to get drunk to throw suspicion off and let Sanjana know that is okay to go to the cabin and won't have to worry about a jealous husband.

Sanjana, once seeing how intoxicated Avi appears to be, slips out of the party and drives to the cabin and opens to find a very sober Avi sitting there. Sanjana is surprised but doesn't lose her cool as Avi interrogates her on who she was supposed to meet. Sanjana says that she would never reveal his name which infuriates Avi more and he begins to yell at her. She then runs upstairs and locks the door, ignoring Avi's screams. Avi soon calms down, goes downstairs, and gulps shot after shot of hard liquor.

Avi finishes his story to the police who refuse to believe him and are more convinced he is the murderer when a knife is found with Sanjana's blood on it and his fingerprints over the handle. He is taken into custody and is deeply saddened with the death of his wife. Rohit, his confidante and lawyer is by his side once again stating that he believes his innocence. Soon Avi stops feeling depressed and is bent on revenge to the actual murderer of Sanjana. Soon court day comes and Rohit defends his friend fervently pointing out mistakes and such. The defense brings a stronger fight, however, especially with the alibi of the emergency call operator who had heard Sanjana's last words and says it must be Avi who is the killer. Rohit pulls a strong rebuttal and it seems as if Avi will be freed when an old man barges into the court room proclaiming that Avi is the killer.

The old man states that he is Sanjana's uncle and was the one she was supposed to meet there. The uncle said that Sanjana's mother was a prostitute and blackmailed Sanjana so that he wouldn't tell Avi. The uncle that says that he had arrived late due to problems with a car but once there he had seen Avi stab Sanjana repeatedly and bury her body in a crude grave behind the cabin. The judge then orders a visit to the "grave" in order to verify the uncles claims. Digging begins and within minutes a skeleton is found that is identified to a woman's.

Avi is horrified upon the discovery of the body and is quickly condemned by the law for the murder of his wife. Avi is bent on revenge so much that he plans to escape jail in order to find the real killer by going "underground". Because of his absence, Avi signs papers that hands the company to Rohit until things cool down. Rohit helps Avi escape through an elaborate plan. He gives Avi cigarettes which are filled with a substance that increases one's heart rate safely. The police will take Avi to a hospital. On the way there Avi will somehow get out of the ambulance truck and into the jungle area where Rohit is prepared with a car. All goes well and Avi is soon with Rohit in his car. However, Rohit stops the car at a cliff and asks Avi for help with some car troubles. Avi gets out and Rohit pulls out a gun. Avi is shocked and is told that now that Rohit has control of the company he can kill Avi and become rich. Avi is shocked and shot three times by Rohit who laughs. Rohit then takes another a car and speeds away.

Avi wakes up in a hospital-type environment which turns out to be the home of Sonia, his best friend. She was worried about him when she heard of his heart troubles and went to the jail. She saw Avi being raced out and followed the ambulance and Avi as he escaped the police. She saw Rohit shoot Avi and once he left, immediately took him off. Even with his present condition, Avi is still determined to find Sanjana's killer. Months pass and Avi recovers. Sonia shows him an issue of India Today with Rohit inside and how he is a millionaire and living in Malaysia. Avi's vengeful spirit awakens and goes to Malaysia with Sonia, determined to kill Rohit.

Sonia and Avi arrive in Kuala Lumpur where they meet an optimistic Indian taxi driver. Avi goes to the hotel where Rohit plans to throw a party with a sniper ready to kill Rohit as he makes his speech on people who he would like to thank. As soon as Avi is about to pull the trigger, Rohit announces that he could not have done it without his girlfriend, a very much alive, Sanjana. Avi stops, heart-broken and confused. He storms back to where he and Sonia are staying and tells her about it. They soon plan an idea of sabtouge upon them. It begins with Sanjana's uncle, who claimed to have seen Avi kill Sanjana. They have Sonia pose as a journalist who lures the uncle into believing that they are going to have sex. The uncle then lies on the bed where he has been tied to when Sonia/journalist goes to the restroom. However, outcomes Avi back from the "grave" and the uncle is horrified. Avi then begins pouring a can labelled kerosene throughout the room, suggesting arson. The uncle begs for his life and even says how Sanjana and Rohit had been plotting this from the beginning. Avi relaxes and pours the kerosene into a cup and drinks it astonishing the uncle. Avi tells him that it is water and the uncle relaxes. However, Avi then drowns the uncle in a bathtub. The next day Rohit and Sanjana come to find the uncle dead on a beach.

Avi then begins to "haunt" Sanjana by showing up at the mall where she shops with a blood-stained prisnor uniform and in her penthouse and even throughout the city. Sanjana gets frightened and gets extremely paranoid and when she tells Rohit he tells her that she is just imagining things. One day Sanjana receives a strange phone call from some anonymous (the taxicab driver) who tells Sanjana that Rohit is going to dump her for someone younger and can do it by telling everyone that Sanjana is crazy (because of her frequent visits with Avi) and do the same thing that he did to Avi. Sanjana gets scared and agrees to meet the caller for more. She meets him at a park and he tells her that Rohit is going to have her killed at their upcoming masquerade party by three figures (Sonia, Avi, and the taxicab driver). In the middle of their conversation, the taxicab driver is "shot" which scares Sanjana away. She goes to the party weary of Rohit. Once there she is eyed by the three figures and she is gets extremely paranoid always turning around. At last she can't take it anymore and pulls a gun off a guard and threathens to kill Rohit stating that she knows "all about his plan" and how he is going to kill her making a huge scene. She then takes the gun and herself and rush out of the party room into her car where Avi confronts her. She loses control and gets out as does Avi. Avi is about to kill her when she begs for her life. He decides not to kill her and calls Rohit and tells him to meet him at a stadium if he wanted to see Sanjana alive.

Rohit shows up at the stadium and meets Avi and the kidnapped Sanjana. Avi forces Rohit to sign papers releasing the company back into Avi's hands and he would get Sanjana back. Rohit refuses to sign saying that he has enough money to get a new "Sanjana" everyday. He then describes how he got Avi in trouble. Once passed out due to the hard liquor. Rohit came into the cabin and met Sanjana. Sanjana then called the police station with her frantic call. They then had a prostitute come over which they killed and put her blood in the room and buried her in the backyard.

In the end, Avi kills Rohit but cannot bring himself to kill Sanjana but turns her in to the police, leaving her to rot in jail for a long time. He then starts life anew with Sonia by his side.


  • Bobby Deol .... Avinash Malhotra
  • Lara Dutta .... Sanjana Malhotra
  • Shakti Kapoor .... Sanjana's Uncle
  • Gul Panag .... Sonia
  • Milind Soman .... Rohit

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