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Kalyug (released 2005) is an Indian Hindi movie about the blue film industry. It was met with both critical acclaim and box-office success. The movie was praised for its bold depiction of the porn industry.


Everything seemed very normal in Kunal's (Kunal Khemu) routine life. There was even the pleasant surprise in the form of Renuka (Smily Suri), a young orphan girl whom fate had brought to Kunal's door step. Soon the two were in love and even got married but from here on life would never be the same again. The most sacred and intimate moment of a couple, their first night together is captured on a tape. Kunal and Renuka are arrested. He is blamed for making blue films. Renuka is unable to deal with the humiliation and commits suicide. Kunal has to now prove his innocence and uncover the truth behind the blue film racket which leads him straight to the dark underbelly of Zurich. This world truly is Kalyug.... Strip shows, xxx clubs, S&M bars, legalized prostitution and drugs... it's one man's war against the world of pornography. Armed with only a picture of a famous Indian porn star, Annie (Deepal Shaw), Kunal gets ready to find and fight a faceless foe. But what Kunal does not know is that in this Kalyug one man's tragedy is another man's entertainment. This business revolves on the simple rules of demand and supply. As long as there is a need for blue films, someone will fulfill that need. Now Kunal has to fast learn the ways of this world if he wants to expose the nexus which runs to highest strata of society in Switzerland. If you dance with the devil, you don't change the devil. The devil changes you. Will Kunal be able to find Annie? Is she the enemy he is really looking for? And will Kunal be able to hold onto his morality in his all consuming desire for revenge? But there is still hope, Alibhai (Emraan Hashmi) , the owner of a sex shop in Amsterdam helps Kunal find Annie, and brings an unexpected twist to the story. He also sports a new look for the film with pierced eyebrows and red colored hair. He is a very critical and important character in the film. And that's not all! Actress Amrita Singh makes a comeback with this film and interestingly in a negative role of a woman in control of the pornographic industry. Kunal finds Annie from Alibhai's help, but only realizes that she too, like him, is a mere pawn in a very big game and conspiracy.


  • Kunal Khemu As Kunal P. Darr
  • Deepal Shaw As Anita 'Annie'
  • Smilie Suri As Renuka
  • Amrita Singh As Simi Roy
  • Ashutosh Rana
  • Farid Amiri As Vikram Garewal
  • Emraan Hashmi As Alibhai
  • Bomie E. Dotiwala As Bomi Dotiwalla
  • Sillo Mahava as Silloo Mahawa
  • Nafeesa Shaikh As Nafisa Shaikh
  • Yatin Karyekar As Yatin Karekar

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