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The Killer is a 2006 Bollywood movie starring Emraan Hashmi and Irrfan Khan. Nisha Kothari is playing the role of heroine opposite Emraan. Emraan stars as a taxi driver in this movie while Irrfan Khan stars as a hitman who uses him to drive around places where he has to kill off his targets. The film is copied from the Micheal Mann thriller Collateral.


Some moments when lived through, will change you forever. Nikhil Joshi (Emraan Hashmi) is a young Indian who has gone to Dubai, and dreams of making it big out there. At present however, he is a taxi driver, and is madly in love with a bar girl Ria (Nisha Kothari). So smitten is he, that he is willing to do anything for his love – even DIE.

However, life has other plans for him when one night, a suave businessman Vikram (Irrfan Khan), hails his cab. Joshi discovers that this pleasant passenger has an agenda of his own and a rather sinister one at that. Vikram holds Joshi hostage in a bizarre plot to bump off various people who would testify against the dreaded don Jabbar, who is at risk of being deported to India to face charges against him.

As Nikhil helplessly becomes witness to one killing after another, he finds his life and dreams crumbling around him. Faced with the prospect of losing everything he has been working towards, he finally takes control of the steering wheel of his life. He stops dreaming and starts acting, as he begins to pit his wits against the assassin.

Will Nikhil succeed in getting the better of The Killer or will this night force him to lose everything that he has – his Love and his Life?


  • Irrfan Khan ... Vikram (Killer)
  • Emraan Hashmi ... Nikhil Joshi (Taxi driver)
  • Nisha Kothari ... Ria (bar dancer)
  • Zakir Hussain ... Jabbar

Download The Killer Songs - Bollywood Movie

Abhi To Mein Jawan Hoon


Hibakki - Remix

O Sanam

O Sanam - Remix

Teri Yaadon Mein

Teri Yaadon Mein - Remix

Yaar Piya

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