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Krrish directed by is a Bollywood science fiction superhero filmRakesh Roshan, which released on June 23, 2006. The film is a sequel to Koi... Mil Gaya and . It is considered the first major superhero movie to be produced by Bollywood and it takes considerable inspiration from the Hollywood movie Paycheck. The movie stars Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Naseeruddin Shah, Rekha and Preity Zinta in a special appearance. It has been subsequently dubbed in TamilTelugu.


Rohit (Hrithik Roshan) and Nisha (Preity Zinta) are married and they have a child, Krishna. Rohit apparently dies in a lab accident in Singapore; Nisha also dies shortly after childbirth at the news of her husband's apparent death. The child, Krishna, starts growing up under the care of his grandmother Sonia (Rekha). As he is growing up, he discovers that he has inherited the superpowers that were transferred to his father by the alien Jadoo in the previous installment, Koi... Mil Gaya. The movie shows how Krishna (Hrithik Roshan) deals with his powers and saves the world from a megalomaniac scientist, Dr. Siddhant Arya (Naseeruddin Shah).

As the head of a large information company based in Singapore, Dr. Arya had hired Rohit to build an advanced computer that could see the future, telling Rohit that it will be used to avoid disasters and improve mankind. The brilliant Rohit takes just two years to invent the prescient computer. When he discovers with its help that Dr. Arya will betray him, using the knowledge granted him by the computer to empower himself instead, Rohit destroys the computer. Dr. Arya, however, is able to rebuild the computer after 20 years of work.

We discover in the beginning of the film that as a young child, Krishna is extremely intelligent and gifted; for example, he is able to draw beautiful portraits of his mother, perform Herculean feats of strength, run at tremendous speed, communicate with non-human animals, and think with great clarity. He is brought before a committee which realizes his gifts, but his grandmother fears that the greedy may exploit him as they did his father, and so the two move far away into a remote village near some mountais. Krishna spends his childhood there, playing with other children and racing with animals. However, he soon grows frustrated as he sees that all those his age are moving away to the city to greater and grander things and he becomes upset at his grandmother for making him stay in the village.

Krishna meets his love interest Priya (Priyanka Chopra) when she visits India from Singapore. During a flight on a parachute-glider, Priya becomes tangled with some tree branches and nearly falls to her death. Krishna, using his exceptional agility and strength, rescues her and restores her to the tourists' camp. In order to hide his identity, he instructs the local guide, Bahadur, to spread tales of a ghost. Eventually, Krishna develops a soft spot for Priya and reveals the truth. He is thereafter a friend to the tourist party, until they leave.

Subsequently, Priya and her friend Honey are threatened with losing their jobs as TV journalists. To regain their boss's trust in them, they invite Krishna to Singapore, where they request that he demonstrate his powers. Krishna, however, does not break the promise he made to Sonia that he would keep his ability a secret.

The hero Krrish as we know him is born when a circus tent catches fire. In order to rescue those trapped by the flames without revealing his powers, Krishna reverses his jacket so that the lining is outermost, then dons a broken mask that he finds on the ground. He then rescues all the people. When the last one to come out asks who he is, he habitually replies "Krish–" stopping before he can give his full name.

In time, "Krrish" becomes a sensation in the news. Masks like his are sold among children, and the city promises to reward him financially if he should present himself.

During his stay in Singapore, Krishna befriends a local young man called Kris Lee, soon after helping him to complete a martial arts demonstration held to raise money for his wheelchair-bound sister. When Kris Lee sees Krrish beat up a group of thugs who have taken Priya's ring– pulling off his mask afterward– Krishna gives him his famous mask so that his friend can gain enough money to help his sister. They show Kris on TV, and happen to show Krishna and Priya as well.

Vikram Sinha (Sharat Saxena), Dr. Arya's employee, has been looking for Rohit's son for a very long time; having seen Krishna, Vikram follows him. Priya finds a tape that proves Krishna is actually Krrish, and decides to bring it to the public. However, when Krishna comes to know of her intentions, he decides to leave. He explains everything to her regarding his gift and need for secrecy. Priya goes to find her boss to get the tape of Krishna back; there, she runs into Vikram Sinha. She manages to catch up with Krishna before he leaves, whereupon Vikram Sinha tells Krishna why he's trying to find him.

It is revealed that Rohit is still alive and has been in suspended animation for 20 long years. Dr. Arya, his former colleague, is aware that the computer can only have been activated by Rohit's Heart rate|heartbeat and retina scan. When he uses the computer, Dr. Arya sees his own death at the hands of Krrish, and therefore postpones killing Rohit in order to eliminate this new threat. Because Kris Lee has been advertised and rewarded as Krrish, Dr. Arya kills him. After Krrish finds his friend dead, he becomes intent on getting revenge against Dr. Arya.

After arriving at Dr. Arya's base, Krrish bursts into the compound after disposing of many guards outside. Priya is eventually taken captive, but Krrish manages to rescue both Rohit and Priya after a dramatic battle wherein Dr. Arya is fatally impaled to death, exactly as the computer predicted. Dr. Arya's attempts to prevent his death have led to the prediction coming true, much like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Along with Rohit and Priya, Krishna returns to his village in India where Rohit's mother Sonia is reunited with her son.

One night, Rohit uses the Om computer developed by his father to contact the alien Jadoo, so that Rohit may thank him.

Box office

In India, Krrish became the fourth highest-grossing movie this decade and is the third highest-grossing movie of 2006. It has also become the tenth highest-grossing Indian film overseas.

  • INDIA (20-Sept,06) : Rs 64,86,00,000 ($14.5 million)
  • OVERSEAS (20-Sept,06) : Rs 18,50,00,000 ($4.2 million)
  • TOTAL (20-Sept,06) : Rs 83,36,00,000 ($19 million)


  • Hrithik Roshan ... Krishna Mehra aka Krrish/Rohit Mehra
  • Priyanka Chopra ... Priya
  • Rekha ... Sonia Mehra
  • Naseeruddin Shah ... Dr. Siddhant Arya
  • Manini Mishra ... Honey
  • Archana Puran Singh ... Boss
  • Kiran Juneja ... Priya's mother
  • Sharat Saxena ... Vikram Sinha
  • Puneet Issar ... Komal Singh
  • Hemant Pandey ... Bahadur
  • Preity Zinta ... Nisha Mehra (Special Appearance)
  • Bin Xia ... Kris Lee
  • Akash Khurana ... Krishna's School's Principal

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