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Lucky is a 2005 Hindi-language film depicting the story of two lovers in war-torn Russia. The fairy tale-like story revolves around Lucky (Sneha Ullal), a young girl who studies in school, and Aditya (Salman Khan), a middle-aged bachelor, who is also the son of the Indian Ambassador to Russia. Lucky meets Aditya when a civil war has broken out in Russia. They have to escape the place and struggle to live. There's absolutely 'no time for love'.


Mr. Sekhri is the Indian Ambassador in Russia, and his Chief Assistant is Mr. Negi. Sekhri is widowed with a son named Aditya, while Negi is married and has brought his wife, Anjali, and two daughters, Lucky and Dhara, with him to Russia. One day while going to school, Lucky's bicycle has a flat tire, and a youg Russian attempts to rape her. Lucky manages to escape by hitting the Russian with her lunch box and hide in a parked car, and the molester is chased away by the car's owner - who is none other than Aditya. Unaware of his "cargo", Aditya drives the car to meet his father, until he is stopped at a check-post. That's when he finds out that Lucky is on board. Then terrorists strike out with bombs and guns, and chaos breaks lose, the telephone lines are down, and there is no electricity. Aditya and Lucky manage to escape and hide in an isolated graveyard. Meanwhile, Sekhri and Negi recruit a private investigator, retired Colonel Pindi Das Kapoor, to locate their children, which he agrees to do so. Before he can locate them, Aditya finds out that Lucky has consumed contaminated water, is poisoned, and so before the Colonel can rescue them, Adi and Lucky leave the graveyard and search for a doctor. Adi comes across a funeral and there he meets a doctor's son, who is seen as a crook because before he takes them to his father, he makes Aditya give up his car, which Adi loves and named, 'Queen Tullu". At the doctor, Lucky is given medicine and Adi is told to pray that she lives. Fortunately, Lucky wakes up. Unfortunately for the pair, Russian soldiers are searching every house for terrorists. Since Lucky and Aidtya don't have any identification, the doctor forces them to leave out of a trap door in his roof. It is a blizzard outside and Lucky is still sick. The pair take refuge in an abandoned museum. In the meantime, the Adi's father the Indian Ambassador of Russia is getting planes to transport all Indians back to India. Many are in dismay, including Lucky's father, who loves his daughter very much and tells the Ambassador he will saty in Russia. But the Ambassador convinces him to leave with his wife and other daughter Dhara. Colonel P.D finally finds Lucky and Adi in the museum. They are forced to disguise themselves as Russian soldiers (with Lucky as a man with a mustache) and march to a town but while marching are ambushed in the process by the terrorists. Adi and Lucky are taken to a concentration camp ( P.D is nowhere found) where it is revealed that lucky is a girl when the evil head terrorist slaps her. He almost opens her shirt but Adi rescues her and the soldiers make a breakout. PD is found again, he was in disguise again, and drives a huge cargo truck away from the scene with Lucky and Adi on top. A terrorist manages to get on the truck and pulls PD out of the steering wheel. Adi, finding that PD is not driving anymore and none is driving, jumps with Lucky to a snowbank. Adi is also injured, as a bullet skimmed his arm while climbing onto the cargo truck. He and Lucky start their trek toward a city, where lots of desperate people are trying to board onto a train. He pushes Lucky onto the train, saying that the guard said there was only room for one. He then tries running after the train, but it is too fast for him. He collapses. Lucky is devastated to be separated from him and tries again and again to open the train door, her fingers and nails bloody in the process. She wails and wails until a little boy uses his sling shot to break a window which Lucky climbs out of and walks back to Adi. She finds him where he collapsed and he wakes up. She reveals that she loves him and he replies saying I know. Then PD returns again, with Adi's car the Queen Tullu. He says to not ask how he got it.

Lucky's sister Dhara has a four leaf clover that Lucky gave her in the beginning of the movie. Dhara asks God to give Lucky all her luck so she will be okay. Dhara is at the airport clutching the clover, about to give up, when the Queen Tullu pulls up and PD, Adi, and finally Lucky get out. Lucky is reunited with her family and Adi is with his dad the Ambassador. PD stays behind and says that he will ship over the Queen Tullu for Adi. Lucky and Adi start to board the plane and Adi says, "Shall we go home?" Lucky replies, "Sure, but your house not mine." They continue to board the plane and all ends happily.


  • Mithun Chakraborty- Colonel Pindidas Kapoor
  • Salman Khan - Aditya
  • Sneha Ullal- Lucky Negi
  • Kader Khan
  • Navni Parihar
  • Ravi Baswani
  • Vikram Gokhale
  • Mumait Khan - Sunaina

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