Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya is an Indian Bollywood movie, released on July 15, 2005, directed by David Dhawan and produced by Seema Kar, Sohail Khan and Dhilin Mehta. It is about the relationships of a womanizing doctor named 'Samir' (Salman Khan) who gets ultimately stuck between two women: a patient with suicidal tendencies named 'Sonia' (Katrina Kaif) and his nurse 'Naina' (Sushmita Sen).

The movie is a remake of the 1969 Hollywood comedy Cactus Flower, starring Walter Matthau, Ingrid Bergman and Goldie Hawn.

The tagline of the movie is "Liar liar, love's on fire".


Samir (Salman Khan) is a very successful doctor: He not only looks after his patient's various maladies, but also looks after his female patients' hearts. Most women fall for him and his irresistible charms. The only person who has not fallen for him (at least not openly) is his dutiful nurse Naina (Sushmita Sen). She makes sure, doctor Samir meets all his appointements with his patients and his various girlfriends.

Whenever a girl gets too close to Samir and starts talking about marriage, he sends her off by telling her he is already married. However, one day, he meets Sonia (Katrina Kaif), a beautiful young woman and Samir is smitten. When she learns of his 'wife', she wants to meet her -- and Samir introduces Naina, as well as her niece and nephew, as his wife and children.

Samir then arranges a fake divorce from a fake wife with the help of his best friend, lawyer Vicky (Arshad Warsi) who, despite having a steady girlfriend (Ishaa Koppikar), frequently flirts with Naina. To complicate things further, Samir's mother (Beena Kak) suddenly appears and doesn't want her son get divorced from Naina (when he isn't married to her in the first place). And then, there is Sonia's neighbour Pyare (Sohail Khan), who does not want Sonia to marry Samir: he wants Sonia for his own and she seems to like him, too.

The web of lies around everyone grows thicker and thicker, but finally, Samir is able to marry Sonia. But before the altar, she makes him realize that she isn't the right wife for him; that he is in love with Naina who has proved her love since she played along, pretending to be his wife. Samir agrees and rushes to the airport, because Naina wants to escape to Canada, while Sonia gets married to Pyare. At the airport, Samir manages to arrive in time: he convinces Naina to stay with him and she forgives him for treating her badly when she posed as his wife and their "marriage", though not yet existent, is saved.


  • Salman Khan ... Samir Malhotra
  • Sushmita Sen ... Naina
  • Katrina Kaif ... Sonia
  • Sohail Khan ... Pyare Mohan
  • Arshad Warsi ... Vicky
  • Isha Koppikar ... Vicky's girlfriend
  • Rajpal Yadav ... Thapa
  • Beena Kak ... Samir's mother

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