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Nehlle Pe Dehlla (Jimmy And Johnny) is a Bollywood comedy film that stars Saif Ali Khan, Bipasha Basu, Sanjay Dutt and Kim Sharma. The movie is directed by Ajay Chandok. The film was completed in 2002 and has been delayed for four years. It finally released in 2007.


Johny (Sanjay Dutt) and Jimmy (Saif Ali Khan) are small time crooks who dream to become rich and make lots of money. The duo meet in jail where they constantly land up for their misdeeds.

A hotel manager (Shakti Kapoor) embezzles his company's 30 crores. Johny and Jimmy come to know about it and want to blackmail him. They join the hotel as waiters and are waiting for the perfect opportunity.

But a terrible mobster trio (Mukesh Rishi, Aasif Shaikh and Shiva) kills the manager. When Johny and Jimmy find the manager dead, they take his dead body and present him as alive. They keep doing it until they find the real culprit.

The highlight of the film is how they manage with the dead body in public.Bipasha Basu plays the owner of the hotel who dreams to open a new hotel in Mauritius. Kim Sharma plays her friend who is always engrossed in romantic novels and dreams of finding her love in life.

The film was a major flop and received very poor reception despite its well-known and popular cast. The movie is copy of Weekend at Bernie's and Weekend at Bernie 2. They could not replicate the most hilarious underwater scene from the second part.


  • Sanjay Dutt...... Johnny
  • Saif Ali Khan...... Jimmy
  • Bipasha Basu...... Pooja
  • Kim Sharma...... Bipasha's friend (Kim)
  • Shakti Kapoor...... Balram and Narrator

Download Nehlle Pe Dehlla Songs - Bollywood Movie

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