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Omkara is a 2006 Hindi film adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello and directed by Vishal Bharadwaj. It starred Ajay Devgan, Saif Ali KhanKareena Kapoor in lead roles, supported by Vivek Oberoi, Naseeruddin Shah and Konkona Sen Sharma with a ‘’special appearance’’ from Bipasha Basu. The director Vishal Bharadwaj himself composed the entire music for the film, including the background score, with song lyrics by Gulzar.

The film was showcased in the 2006 Cannes Film Festival along with a book on the making of Omkara.[1] It was also selected to be screened at the Cairo International Film Festival & Pakistan's prestigious Kara Film Festival.[2]

It became part of a series of film interpretations of popular literary works by Bharadwaj, made after Maqbool based on Macbeth and Chatri Chor based on Ruskin Bond's The Blue Umbrella, though it should be noted that Omkara was released before Chatri Chor.


Omkara Shukla or Omi (Ajay Devgan) is a baahubali, a sort of political enforcer. He is the leader of a gang which carries out political crimes for the local politician Tiwari Bhaisaab (Naseeruddin Shah). Ishwar 'Langda' Tyagi (Saif Ali Khan) and Keshav 'Kesu Firangi' Upadhyay (Vivek Oberoi) are his closest lieutenants.

The movie starts with Langda Tyagi hijacking a baraat and sending Rajju (Deepak Dobriyal), the bridegroom to try and stop Omkara from abducting the bride Dolly Mishra (Kareena Kapoor). Rajju fails and the wedding never takes place.

Dolly’s father Advocate Ragunath Mishra (Kamal Tiwari), mostly referred in the movie as “vakeel saab” (lawyer sir), is furious and confronts Omi. He puts a gun to Omi’s head and demands the return of his daughter. Bhaisaab intervenes and resolves the conflict by mentioning the current political conditions and prevents bloodshed. Still unconvinced, Vakeel saab grieves to Bhaisaab the next day. To bring a final solution to this issue, Dolly is made to appear in front of her father and clarify that she eloped with Omi rather than being abducted forcefully. She also tells the events of how she fell in love with Omkara. The father leaves feeling betrayed and ashamed.

After some crafty political arm-twisting, involving a MMS sex scandal, Omkara eliminates a powerful electoral rival. Bhaisaab is elected for Parliament and Omkara is promoted from “bahubali” to the candidate for the upcoming state elections. Omkara appoints Kesu over Langda as his successor once he enters politics himself. Langda, disappointed with Omkara's poor judgment and jealous of Kesu, his younger, less-experienced, superior; hatches a plot to revenge both his offenders. He first causes a violent brawl between Kesu and Rajju (Deepak Dobriyal), Dolly’s original suitor by taking advantage of Kesu's low threshold for alcohol. Such irresponsible behaviour of Kesu infuriates Omi, who now starts becoming unsure about his own decision.

On one hand, playing the role of a concerned friend Langda convinces Kesu to appeal to Dolly, Omi's lover and bride-to-be to mollify Omi. On the other he starts to disrepute Dolly by implicating Kesu's visits to ask Dolly for her help as meetings in an illicit love affair between the two. A kamarbandh, a piece of traditional jewellery worn around the waist, carelessly dropped by Dolly and stolen by Langda’s wife Indu (Konkona Sen Sharma), which eventually reaches Billo Chamanbahar (Bipasha Basu) as a gift from Kesu, plays an important part in the plot, as evidence of Dolly’s infidelity.

By the time of the climax, the night of their wedding, Omi is convinced that Dolly and Kesu have been having an affair behind his back. In utter rage, he smothers his new wife to death. Langda shoots Kesu with a silent approval from Omi. Hearing gunshots and in shock Indu enters the room where Omi is sitting next to Dolly’s corpse in remorse. Indu notices the kamarbandh and mentions stealing it, they both understand the fatal misunderstanding and Langda as its root cause.

Out of spite, Indu slashes Langda's throat and Omi commits suicide. The movie closes with Omi lying dead of the floor and Dolly’s dead body swinging above his.


Ajay Devgan...... Omkara (Othello)
Vivek Oberoi...... Kesu (Cassio)
Saif Ali Khan...... Langda Tyagi (Iago)
Kareena Kapoor...... Dolly (Desdemona)
Konkona Sen Sharma...... Indu (Emilia)
Bipasha Basu...... Billo Chaman Bahar (special appearance)
Naseruddin Shah...... Bhaisaab
Deepak Dobriyal...... Rajju
Manav Kaushik...... Surendra Kaptaan

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