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Zindaggi Rocks (translates as Life Rocks ) is a 2006Bollywood film, directed by Tanuja Chandra and produced by Anurradha Prasad. It is about the love story between a famous singer, Kriya, played by Sushmita Sen and an ordinary man, played by Shiney Ahuja.


'ZINDAGGI ROCKS' is directed by Tanuja Chandra and music is by Anu Malik. The film is all about the women of today, her personal and her confidence. The film highlights the love story between Dr. Suraj Rihan, (Shiney Ahuja) the shy, cynical workaholic and Kria (Sushmita Sen), a magnificent woman, and a singer.

It is a modern story which has its foundation in that oldest of all things - the human heart. The urban drama revolves around the lives of two individuals, very different from each other (Kria and Suraj) and their equally different families that come together when these two fall in love. The film tells a funny yet sad, and deeply emotional and shocking tale of love and sacrifice. A unique love story, a riveting account of passion and a touching treatise of human generosity!

Also featuring in the film are Kim Sharma, Moushimi Chatterjee, Ravi Gosain and child artist Julian. While Kim Sharma (Joy) plays the role of a manager and friend of Sushmita, Moushimi will be seen in a double role i.e. Sushmita's mother as well as Mausi.


Sushmita - Sen Kriya
Shiney Ahuja - Dr. Suraj Rihan
Kim Sharma - Joy
Ravi Gosain - Sam
Moushumi Chatterjee - Kriya's mother / Mausi

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Meri Dhoop Hai Tu

Meri Dhoop Hai Tu - Remix

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Hadh Ko Aadab Ko - Remix

Ek Din Fursat


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Zindaggi Rocks

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