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About Fuzon's Journey:
["Journey", the brainchild of the melodically gifted trio can be characterized as the sophisticated and unique poetic voyage into the world of musical ecstasy. Accompanied with a blend of eastern classical and western orchestration reflected in the melodic ragas, stupefying lyrics, symphonious and emotive vocals and wailing guitars generating a tranquil aura, the album lets one embark on a soulful trip where they come across the contrasting interludes of life, comprising of joys, sorrows, simplicity, melancholy, romanticism and sobriety. With ever-evolving musical hooks as sweet as nightingale's calls, the "Journey" serves as a musical sojourn worth taking. Happy landing into the enchanting musical cosmos!]

Neend Na Aaye

Suna Suna

Tu Kahan


Abhi Hum Kahaan Hain

Teri Yaadaan

Jo Dil Ne Kahaa

Atish O Aab


Choo Lo