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Iqbal is a 2005 Hindi/Urdu Bollywood film written and directed by Nagesh Kukunoor and was released under Subhash Ghai's new banner, "Mukta searchlight Films".

The story follows a cricket obsessed deaf-mute boy in a remote Indian Village as he aims to overcome his difficulties and become a talented cricketer and a member of the Indian Cricket team.


Iqbal tells the story of Iqbal, a deaf-mute boy, who dreams of becoming a member of the Indian cricket team. However, he is discouraged by his father who thinks that Iqbal's daydreams are a waste of time, and will get him nowhere. Instead, he wants Iqbal to help him tend to the crops and become a farmer like him, which would be a stable profession.

Iqbal's sister, Khadija (Swetha Prasad), however, helps him try out for a nearby academy run by Guruji, an influential former India captain, who accepts him for his talent. But when Iqbal has a fight with a rich boy, Kamal, who is also the star of the academy, he is thrown out by Guruji out of fear for Kamal's father, who bankrolls the academy. Iqbal seeks help from the local drunkard, Mohit (Shah), who was once a great cricketer and persuades him to be his Coach. They are able to train in a nearby field, using Iqbal's buffaloes (named after Actual members of the Indian Cricket team) as fielders.

Mohit trains Iqbal and gets him a place on the Andhra Pradesh Ranji Team, despite Iqbal not having any previous cricketing experience. Iqbal plays marvellously for the team, which was initially a weak team, and is soon noticed by the press and cricket selectors alike. However, when the final match of the season pits Iqbal against his nemesis, Kamal, Guruji tries to bribe Iqbal to bowl badly so as to ensure Kamal's place in the National Cricket Team. Iqbal succumbs to his offer, out of concern for his father, who is facing financial difficulties and may lose his lands. Luckily, a sports agent is able to offer him a better deal, and Iqbal bowls with his usual fiery pace and wins the match for his team. He also impresses Kapil Dev (In a special guest role), who is scouting for talent, who selects him for the National team.


  • Naseeruddin Shah as Mohit
  • Girish Karnad as Guruji
  • Shreyas Talpade as Iqbal
  • Shweta Prasad as Khadija
  • Yatin Karyekar as Anwar
  • Prateeksha Lonkar as Saida
  • Dilip Salgaonkar as Bipin
  • Jyoti Joshi as Farida
  • Aadarsh Balakrishna as Kamal
  • Gururaj Manepalli as Akash

Download Iqbal Songs - Bollywood Movie


Aankhon Mein Sapna

Muthi Mein Aasman

Khelenge Khelenge - Male



Tum Tana

Khelenge Khelenge - Female

Aashaayen - Slow

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