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Partner is a Bollywood version of the hollywood movie Hitch, starring Salman Khan and Govinda. Salman is paired with Lara Dutta and Govinda with Katrina Kaif.


Prem (Salman Khan) is a Love Guru who solves out love problems of everyone. He meets Bhaskar Diwakar Chaudhary (Govinda) who comes to Prem for help in his love life. Bhaskar loves his boss Priya Jaisingh (Katrina Kaif) but unable to express his love to her as she is the daughter of a wealthy buisinessman. Prem initially refuses to help Bhaskar and goes to Thailand. Bhaskar follows him there and convinces him to help him.

After coming back from Thailand, Prem meets Naina (Lara Dutta) a photo journalist who was running from some gangsters led by Chhota Don, (who mimicks Shah Rukh Khan in Don (Rajpal Yadav)), Prem saves her and falls in love with her. Meanwhile he starts teaching Bhaskar how to impress Priya. But Bhaskar uses his own simplicity and non-sense acts to impress Priya. Priya finally falls in love with Bhaskar but does not disclose it to him.

Prem comes to know from Bhaskar that Priya is getting married to someone according to her father's will. They both come to Priya's wedding ceremony with Naina and Priya's father is convinced by Bhaskar's acts. Priya now gets ready to marry Bhaskar.

Meanwhile a spoiled brat named Neel comes to Prem for love help and he asks Prem to convince a girl for a one night stand. Prem gets angry with Neel and tells him that he does not help people who have such bad intentions. Neel somehow manages to get his one night stand and then ditches her, telling her the love guru gave him advice to do so. Unfortunately the girl turns out to be a friend of Naina's. Naina hates Prem for what he did to her friend and Naina started hating Prem and frames him and Bhaskar for ditching Priya.

At last Prem makes up with Naina and Bhaskar patches up with Priya and they get married. On the honeymoon night Bhaskar again asks Prem for help but this time they both get mingled with their respective wives.


  • Salman Khan- Prem aka Love Guru
  • Govinda - Bhaskar Diwakar Chaudhary
  • Lara Dutta - Naina
  • Katrina Kaif - Priya Jai Singh
  • Ali Haji - Rohan
  • Rajpal Yadav - Chhota Don
  • Dalip Tahil - Raj Jai Singh
  • Sohail Khan- Special appearance (as a portrait)
  • Deepshika - Love Guru's sister
  • Aarti Chabria - Nikki
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Do U Wanna Partner

You-re My Love

Dupatta Tera Nau Rangda

Soni De Nakhray

Maria Maria

You-re My Love - Remix

Do U Wanna Partner - Remix

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